Finished at last!

ImageI finished a brand spanking new novella yesterday. I realized, as I wrote the last full-stop and pushed away from my desk, that my heart was beating really fast. It has never occurred to me before that, in finishing something, my endorphins might just go into over-drive. I was excited, relieved and more than a little proud of myself. 

This new novel is another interracial romance – my favourite! Set in India, the story revolves  around two troubled souls, finding their way back to each other after a decade apart. At one point, I found my eyes welling up as I was writing, which I suppose is a good sign! 

I’ve already written the blurb, so today I will tackle the dreaded synopsis. After a little bit of polishing, I hope to have it submitted to my editor this coming week. If she deems it worthy of publication, you might just see another sexy schmexy ebook coming your way!

Fingers crossed!


Feeling romantic…

I’d been awhile since I enjoyed – really enjoyed – writing an erotic scene. Pretty odd for an author of erotica, I suppose. But recently, I’ve liked character building and dialogue more, and sometimes I think a really good conversation can be just as erotic as doing the nasty. 

Today, I’ve been feeling romantic. I’ve had romantic music on – Bliss’s “Kissing” if you’re interested – and I just completed what I feel is the most sensual love scene I have written in a very long time. Whoop. I’m doing a little victory dance, which I always do when the words come forth as planned. 

I’m about 4,000 words away from finishing a new novella – a sexy little interracial romance (what else would you expect from me?!), which I hope to submit to my lovely editor next week. Can’t wait!