New Year’s!

Well, Happy New Year everyone! Another festive season behind us – it seems Mulled Wine Time goes too fast, doesn’t it? Back to normality once more! For me, I have been idling around the house for days now, promising myself I will, a: write a blog post and b: write in general! As it is, I instead watched rubbish television, drank tea, watched more rubbish television and generally procrastinated my way through the whole day.  Outrageous, I know!


I have been writing today, though – just a little bit, I’m easing myself back into work gently! Maybe it should be like the whole band-aid thingy… ripping it off in one big tug? I don’t know. My new year’s resolutions this year tend to reflect my status as a consummate procrastinator – I have to exercise more, write more, motivate myself more… etc. etc. I am probably not alone in this, though. I was just talking to my friend who says she’s trying to motivate herself, too. What about you guys? What have you promised yourself a new year of bigger, better things – or are you a cynical old boot who doesn’t see the point in making more false promises, and putting pressure on yourself?


See, dammit, I am already talking myself out of it! Haha!


Anyway, I just want to wish any readers a very happy new year and I hope for only prosperous things for you all! So whether you are giving up smoking, fighting the battle of the bulge, promising to work harder, party more, relax some or just have a good time, good luck to you all! I’m sure we’ll all be back here next January making the same promises but hey, new year, fresh start.


Until February anyway!


Much love,

Rea x


Flying South…

Makes everything better...
It’s winter. There’s no escaping it. We had snowfall last night and there was much grumbling and complaining from the motorists this morning at having to defrost their windscreens. I don’t know why I love snow so much. I guess I just like the idea of being snowed-in, stuck indoors with family, rubbish television and tea. I think we have become less homely people in recent decades and there’s something strangely reminiscent about not being able to go out and having a lovely, roaring fire.

Of course, once I step out into the minus-figures temperature, I desperately yearn to sprout wings and fly south for the winter. My toes are freezing, even as I type. It would be nice to take myself off to the Maldives, to kick back on powder-white beaches and sip exotic cocktails until sunset.

The good thing about being bound to my home is that I have plenty of time to write, which is really what I should be doing. I have set a target of 2000 words today. It’s not much, but my head has just been elsewhere these past few days and I am finding it hard to sit down and just concentrate. I think I need to disconnect myself from the internet as it proves to be an enormous distraction for me. I find myself going to to look at funny pictures, browse Facebook for the hundredth time – only to read the same rotation of boring status updates. Then there is the Daily Mail – the most horrible newspaper ever to have gone into print. Ever. Yet I just can’t stop reading it because I find it difficult to believe that any publication could be so blatant in their bias.

I will sign off from the internet and get my head down to write! In a minute. is calling me again!

Much love,
Rea x

Laptop woes…

NOT actually my laptop!! LOL!!
I have never had much luck with my technology, to be honest.

It seems as though I am perpetually cursed. From my first Sony Viao laptop, to every webcam and headset I have ever owned. Recently, my laptop crashed. She was old faithful – had her five years. A lifetime in technology years, really. Since I am not a backer-upper, five years worth of writings, musings, photographs and music suddenly vanished in a mechanical whirr of a power down.

Today, I decided to see if I could get her to work again – and I am delighted to say that with a bit of pleading, it worked! I think the old girl just needed a break, and feigning a hard-drive breakdown was the perfect way to get a rest.

I have had much fun going through all my old files, feeling inspired by some of what I found there. As it happens, though, my internet speed isn’t any better and I am still forced to gnaw at my lip with muffled impatience every time it takes five minutes to load a page. I feel like I’ve slipped back into pre-millennium dial up.

Anyway, so delighted am I that I intend on spending a few hours picking up old stories! And going through my photographs. I’ll probably procrastinate all night, but hey-ho, it’ll be fun!

Much love,
Rea x