What is your favourite locale for your stories?

India. There is something so mystical and diverse about this wonderful land. I am totally beguiled by it. Everything from the music to the movies to the rich cultural heritage is just captivating.

What do you love most about writing?

I have always had a rampant imagination. I know most writers say they have been writing for as long as they can remember, and I’m no different. My teenage years were spent weaving fantastical stories in my spare time, neglecting my studies in favour of it. I love being able to create a story from nothing. From the first letter on my page to the last full-stop, I just adore it. There’s something empowering about being totally in control, even when real-life begs to differ!

Three favourite books?

Surprisingly, I am not always a huge reader of romance. However, I really enjoyed Q&A by Vikas Swarup. Many of you will know it from the Oscar winning movie Slumdog Millionaire. The author is an incredible storyteller. I also adored The Love of my Life by a writer called Louise Douglas. Finally, I am unashamedly a fan of Dan Brown and all the books he has written. My favourites change daily, but for now, I’ll go with these.

Favourite music to write to?

I love anything that calms me and allows me to concentrate. It differs depending on my mood, but generally, I really enjoy classical music. Piano and cello are two particular favourites as both are so evocative. Sometimes I blast a little bit of Hindi music and, for deeply mellow afternoons, a nice sitar solo will put me in a trance!

Most romantic film of all time?

The Notebook. From the opening sequence I am a blubbering mess of crazy emotions. I am just swept away by the notion that true love lasts forever. It’s a slightly romantic view of the world, but I’m clinging tight.

Guilty Pleasure?

Malteasers and a good cup of tea. I am very fussy about my tea and doubly enjoy a good brew! Otherwise, Sex and the City is a television show I can’t stop watching – even years later.

Anything you want to know? Email your questions to thomasrea@yahoo.co.uk


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