31 day blog challenge (Day 4)

Day 4 of my super blog challenge! I am really enjoying this. Each question does make me think, which is great fun.

Today’s question is: What are you afraid of?

This is an easy one for me. Aside from spiders, which I mentioned in a previous post, my biggest fear in life – easily – is losing people I love. This is a crippling anxiety, and one I have struggled with for most of my adult life. I have this constant worry, every time a member of my family goes away on holiday, or out to a nightclub, I fear something will happen. If someone I love says they will be home by 11… if they haven’t entered the house by 11.01 I will presume they’ve died a horrible death. The more the minutes tick by, the worse my imaginings. If there was one thing I would change about myself, it would definitely be this.

Still, I guess this just means I care very deeply for those important to me.

This is a short post today as there’s not much more to say about my fears! Aside from this and spiders, I would say I am a huge wuss about anything dangerous, such as rollercoasters, skydiving, bungee-jumping, paragliding and anything else of such an insane nature. I should make an effort to do more things that scare me. You only live once after all!

Come back tomorrow for day 5 of my challenge!

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31 day blog challenge! (Day 1)

I found this awesome blog challenge online yesterday and thought I would LOVE to do it. Basically, I will write a new blog entry every day for 31 days and answer a different question every day.


So – Day One:

Introduction and recent photo

My name is Rea Thomas (this is a pseudonym, but for the sake of this blog – let’s go with it!) and I write romance and erotica for Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc. I live in Northern Ireland – which has perpetually wet weather and an air of eerie dreariness. Because doing things outdoors is difficult here – especially planning anything – a lot of people enjoy reading and writing. Ireland, as a whole, has a wealth of literary geniuses from C.S. Lewis to Meave Binchy to Bernard Shaw and Oscar Wilde. I like to believe we are natural born storytellers.

When I am not writing, I work for a huge company here in the UK called Ann Summers which sells lingerie and sex toys on the high street. This is a job I love immensely and has been my favorite so far (I worked in hospitality before – eeek!). I have incredible fun with the girls I work with and count every one of them as friends in my life. The craic (Northern Irish speak, pronounced ‘crack’ and means ‘fun’) is brilliant and there isn’t a day when I don’t laugh.

This is a recent photo of me:


Come back tomorrow for Day 2 – 20 Facts About Me! Hooray! Have a great day.

Rea x