Feeling romantic…

I’d been awhile since I enjoyed – really enjoyed – writing an erotic scene. Pretty odd for an author of erotica, I suppose. But recently, I’ve liked character building and dialogue more, and sometimes I think a really good conversation can be just as erotic as doing the nasty. 

Today, I’ve been feeling romantic. I’ve had romantic music on – Bliss’s “Kissing” if you’re interested – and I just completed what I feel is the most sensual love scene I have written in a very long time. Whoop. I’m doing a little victory dance, which I always do when the words come forth as planned. 

I’m about 4,000 words away from finishing a new novella – a sexy little interracial romance (what else would you expect from me?!), which I hope to submit to my lovely editor next week. Can’t wait!


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