10426706251a12295573936l (188 x 250)Well guys – to help promote erotica and ALL things sexy, I have decided to feature a little giveaway on my blog.

This gorgeous little vibrating clit-stick could be yours! All you have to do to be eligible is subscribe to my blog (there’s a nifty subscribe widget on the left hand side!) and post a comment saying “GIVEAWAY” – This allows me to know which subscribers are entering the contest!

What do you need to know:

This cute little lipstick dupe is clitoral stimulalor that will fit discreetly into your purse! (For when the notion for a bit of sexy-time strikes you!) No one will suspect a thing!

The power on this is incredible – hits all the right spots and can be used on a man’s perineum during oral sex! – Everyone’s a winner!

Re-usable as the battery can be replaced!

So get subscribing and post a comment below!

Good luck!

Winner will  be announced on the 1st of July!

**All entrants must be 18 and over!**


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