Making a Writing Schedule

It occurs to me that there isn’t enough advice/help for writings who need encouragement to keep a schedule (me!). I think one of my biggest tags in my tag cloud is PROCRASTINATION. I am terrible at it. My mind wanders and I struggle to tether myself to a single task or idea. The problem with this is nothing ever seems to get completed, and after years (YEARS!) of falling into this trap, I decided I need to set myself a proper schedule… to keep myself motivated and in line.

A few weeks ago I bought myself a couple of white boards from Poundland. As the name would suggest, they were £1 each. I imagine there’s an equivalent in most countries. Initially I was going to use them as story boards, which is another thing I need to get into the habit of. I’m a ‘seat-of-my-pants’ writer, for the most part. Anyway, here’s it is:


So, what are my plans? Well, I have decided to look into the terrifying world of Indie publishing. This requires a lot of extra work on the part of the writer, marketing and such. So as well as actually writing the story, I need to factor this into my weekly planner. Today is Monday, it’s a good day to plan. Here’s a quick list of things I need to fit into my week:


Writing blog posts

Sourcing covers


Social media updates


I aim to write at least 2,000 words every day. I know this isn’t a lot by other writer’s standards, and last week I was averaging at least 3,000 per day. However, 10k a week is better than putting tonnes of pressure on myself and getting nothing done! Other things may come up, but for now, these are the things I want to focus on. Cover art is a big deal for me, and I know there are so many cover artists out there, so I need to spend a bit of time researching the best in terms of product and price.

Anyway this is my plan for the week! Lets see how it pans out!


2 thoughts on “Making a Writing Schedule

    • Thanks!! I got a green and blue one too, but pink brightens up behind my desk! ❤ I'm trying to be more proactive, and if I have a schedule I'm hoping I'll be guilted into keeping it! Although it's only day one, I have achieved what I set out to do! GO ME! LOL!! xx

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