31 day blog challenge (Day 7)

This has got to be an easy one, really. I have a list of pet hates as long as my arm, which probably makes me quite a difficult person. Still, suck it up! Here we go…

1: Racism. There are no words for how angry this truly ugly character trait will make me. I absolutely loathe anyone with these tendencies.

2: Bad spelling: I understand not everyone has a grasp of English. Really, I do. But I am prone to correcting people’s spelling and worse, their (there? they’re?) grammar. Facebook is perhaps the worst place in the world to see people write the biggest load of gibberish. If I have to decipher your status, I am not going to read it.

3: Bad manners. I’ve worked with the public my whole adult life, and it’s difficult to stay positive about mankind when you see the absolute scum of the earth. I hate rudeness. Rudeness coupled with arrogance and self-importance just pushes me over the edge!

4: People using ‘karma’ incorrectly. This concept had been hijacked by the West and does not actually mean what people think it does. I hate people saying “karma’s a bitch” because it is wrong on so many levels. Still, I suppose not everyone shares my interest in Eastern philosophies!

5: Queue jumpers. I am not standing in a line for the fun of it. I did not wake up this morning and think ‘oh, I know a good way to kill a couple of hours.’ If I am standing in a line, I want out of it as much as anyone else. Don’t you dare jump in front of me! Ha!

Well, that’s 5 of my pet hates. There are more, but I wouldn’t want to waste too much energy on negativity!

Come back tomorrow for Day 8…. What’s in my handbag!


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