Eureka moment!

ImageI haven’t been feeling very inspired recently. I’ve went into hibernation, finding it difficult to put my brain into gear. Then, out of nowhere, came an idea that I am very excited about. I have started writing a new futuristic sci-fi themed erotic novel, which is a huge departure from my usual kind of writing. I have never really been into sci-fi themes, but something about this idea had just gripped me. After toying with several different ideas and themes, none were jumping out at me.


I’m on fire at the moment though, writing as much as I can with my music turned up loud. I find music blocks out all the other thoughts that threaten to invade my working process. My new mantra is “I must stop procrastinating.”. I think I should change it to the less favorable “I must stop being lazy.” because let’s face it, laziness is basically what procrastination is.


Anyway, just a quick blog update to fill the gigantic void of emptiness that this web space has become. I promise I will try to update more often – all I need to do is remember my mantra!


Happy Sunday!

Rea x 


One thought on “Eureka moment!

  1. I don’t exactly recollect how I landed in this page, LOL! But yeah, I know all about procrastination! The worst thing with procrastination is that, you procrastinate stopping procrastination!! I hope you are able to cut it though! Luck!!

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