All Around the World…

ImageI’m excited about a new project I have started working on. I remember thinking about this concept some eight or nine years ago, but now seems like a good time to write it – and the ideas have been coming thick and fast, which is always a good thing! My plan is to write a collection of short-ish stories each set in a different city across the world with the hero in each being from that specific city. My current WIP has taken me all the way to Paris – I’m thinking hot Frenchman…. I’m thinking Olivier Martinez a-la Unfaithful… helll-ooo. 


Other cities that I am excited to visit on my virtual trip are: Rio de Janeiro, Moscow, Mumbai and New York. I have so many ideas for each that I don’t know where to start. My head is all over the place, writing ideas while trying to complete the current WIP. I guess it’s better to have too many ideas than none at all – although, to go off on a tangent like I am so fond of, a friend of mine recently said “Too much of anything is good for nothing” so I probably need to moderate the influx of ideas and be careful to weed out the no-so-good. 

I’m thinking that Pitbull’s song “International Love” is probably an apt tune for me to play on repeat while writing this collection!

Anyway, which city would you like to see in a story? Do you enjoy books set in foreign climes or do you enjoy reading about places you are familiar with? 


Rea x 


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