New Year’s!

Well, Happy New Year everyone! Another festive season behind us – it seems Mulled Wine Time goes too fast, doesn’t it? Back to normality once more! For me, I have been idling around the house for days now, promising myself I will, a: write a blog post and b: write in general! As it is, I instead watched rubbish television, drank tea, watched more rubbish television and generally procrastinated my way through the whole day.  Outrageous, I know!


I have been writing today, though – just a little bit, I’m easing myself back into work gently! Maybe it should be like the whole band-aid thingy… ripping it off in one big tug? I don’t know. My new year’s resolutions this year tend to reflect my status as a consummate procrastinator – I have to exercise more, write more, motivate myself more… etc. etc. I am probably not alone in this, though. I was just talking to my friend who says she’s trying to motivate herself, too. What about you guys? What have you promised yourself a new year of bigger, better things – or are you a cynical old boot who doesn’t see the point in making more false promises, and putting pressure on yourself?


See, dammit, I am already talking myself out of it! Haha!


Anyway, I just want to wish any readers a very happy new year and I hope for only prosperous things for you all! So whether you are giving up smoking, fighting the battle of the bulge, promising to work harder, party more, relax some or just have a good time, good luck to you all! I’m sure we’ll all be back here next January making the same promises but hey, new year, fresh start.


Until February anyway!


Much love,

Rea x


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