Where the rejects end up!
I’m a fickle person when it comes to my writing. Every story I start I think ‘this is IT, this can be amazing’ then I start to question myself, nitpick and move on to the next story – repeat cycle. It’s surprising how quickly my mind can change in regards to this and it can be very frustrating and unproductive. Tonight I started a new quick-fiction story that I aim to have finished very shortly. I was up early this morning (a rarity for me as I usually stay awake until 4am and sleep until noon), so it’s felt like a long but productive day. Maybe there’s something to this early-morning malarkey. I’m not fully convinced, though… for example, the dark mornings are murderous. It was after 9am before the sun crested the mountains today. It was dark by 4.30pm. Grim, grim, grim!

Of course the dire wintry weather is a good excuse to stay in jammies, heat a hot-water bottle and write with a cup of tea. I disconnected my internet again – it works for me, stops me wasting time and is definitely going to be my default writing mode from now on. The heater was blasting, the music truly deafening and lo-and-behold, I got 3000 words written in a few hours!

Tomorrow my target is 5000. Optimistic?

Watch this space!

Much love,
Rea x


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