I’m in love… with my new book cover!

Hummna Hummna
I got my book cover sent over from the amazing art department at Ellora’s Cave today. I haven’t got a release date for the novel yet, but you can expect it to look like this when it comes out! I am so totally in love with it! What do you think? Saucy?

Much love,
Rea x


3 thoughts on “I’m in love… with my new book cover!

    • Hi there Yawatta!

      Stolen Nights is an interracial erotica about two professional thieves who are both vying for the same mythical flute from an ancient Hindu temple in India. The girl gets it, the boy needs it and they agree upon a sexual contract; two nights of no-strings attached sex in exchange for the flute! I will post an extract here when the edits are approved by my editor! Follow the blog for an update when I do this!

      Thank you so much for your interest!

      Much love,
      Rea x

  1. That plot sounds interesting; I’ll check out the rest of your posts about this book. Congratulations on getting it published!!!

    Keep smiling,
    Yawatta Hosby

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