Drawing the line….?

How dangerous can fictional sex be?!
I recently discovered that readers of erotica feel it promotes better sexual health when the two main characters in an erotic novel use a condom at least once. It made me wonder why this is where the line is drawn. There are dozens of genres of erotic fiction, from BDSM to threesomes, to some of the raunchiest sex that can possibly be written – all in the name of fantasy. There are otherwise good housewives across the world who indulge in stories about illicit sex with some of the riskiest scenarios imaginable (and some you couldn’t imagine if you tried!) and yet riding bareback is a cause for uproar? I really don’t get it… fantasy is fantasy after all! If readers are able to conceive it a possibility for a woman to be ravished by a vampire, alien, time-travelling shape-shifter then why can the realm of fantasy not stretch to some good old unprotected sex? Doesn’t anyone else think the fumbling for a condom takes away from the spontaneity of good sex?

Answers on a postcard!


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