Cold weather, tea and writing!

It is really starting to feel like December, now.

The Christmas tree is up (just! I firmly believe all Christmas festivities should be reserved UNTIL December. Anything beforehand is just stupid!), the outside of the house is lit up like, well, a Christmas tree, and it’s absolutely freezing!

I find myself drinking an abundance of tea in December – helped along by a mince-pie or two. Although, as a perpetual dieter, I am behaving myself.

At the moment I am fighting my constant companion, also known as Procrastination. I’ve been winning, though, and I am well into my second

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!
novel. I burn my favourite Indian incense, called Nag Champa – all the way from Bangalore, and play myself some relaxing music and it seems to aid me in concentrating. Pretty soon, though, I will be blasting the music of my secret husband, Mr. Michael Bublé (his Christmas album is gorgeous!). Something about that smooth-as-honey voice just gets me in the mood to write erotica. Who knows why?!

Anyway, I’m officially wasting time by writing this blog – so I’m off to get more tea and do work!

Much love,
Rea x


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