Laptop woes…

NOT actually my laptop!! LOL!!
I have never had much luck with my technology, to be honest.

It seems as though I am perpetually cursed. From my first Sony Viao laptop, to every webcam and headset I have ever owned. Recently, my laptop crashed. She was old faithful – had her five years. A lifetime in technology years, really. Since I am not a backer-upper, five years worth of writings, musings, photographs and music suddenly vanished in a mechanical whirr of a power down.

Today, I decided to see if I could get her to work again – and I am delighted to say that with a bit of pleading, it worked! I think the old girl just needed a break, and feigning a hard-drive breakdown was the perfect way to get a rest.

I have had much fun going through all my old files, feeling inspired by some of what I found there. As it happens, though, my internet speed isn’t any better and I am still forced to gnaw at my lip with muffled impatience every time it takes five minutes to load a page. I feel like I’ve slipped back into pre-millennium dial up.

Anyway, so delighted am I that I intend on spending a few hours picking up old stories! And going through my photographs. I’ll probably procrastinate all night, but hey-ho, it’ll be fun!

Much love,
Rea x


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